At TGSL, we strive to provide high quality and efficient services to all our clients regardless of size.  The Company aims to provide each and every one of our clients unparalleled goods and services delivery.  Our customers experience is extremely important to us as we believe this is the cornerstone of our business.

TGSL is continuously looking to expand the variety of goods and services we offer to our clients and we welcome any requests and suggestions from our clients in ways we can cater for them better.

We work with reliable and highly reputable manufacturer and suppliers to ensure our clients receive the best possible products and services.

The Company is in the process of seeking ISO Certification in order to streamline quality controls, service delivery times as well as   expand our client base.


General Office supplies, including Stationary.

Computers and lap tops including tablets, I-pads, telephone head sets and mobile phones.

Electronic items; TV sets, music systems,


Newspapers and periodicals

Cartridges, toners for printing machines, photocopiers etc.

Servicing of computers, printers and photocopiers and provision of spare parts for the printing process.

Calling cards Scratch cards for airtime


Book and Magazine covers (various materials)

Office furniture

Office and home décor

Various food items and utensils.

Fabric and upholstering fabric.

Supply of general cleaning materials and detergents

Contact Us

TEL: +254 (020) 4402998, +254 (020) 723 20 4277 EMAIL: info@tigonigeneral.co.ke